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Quest World Trans Solutions

Logistics, Transportation Services and 3PL Services, Locally, US Domestic and Internationally

About Us

Global Logistics

Quest World Trans Solutions has been globally positioned with shipping partners across the world since 2002 providing transport logistics, 3PL, short-term warehouse and all shipping services. Our founder, Loren Quest, developed and strengthened relationships from his past experiences in the Air Force and beyond for many years to provide first class global partners. Quest WTS strives for excellence with each client transaction and follows, even manages the logistics of your shipment from first to last mile.

small town logistical relationships

Small Town Relationships

Loren Quest is a pillar in the Phoenix community and well respected in the industry. He has instilled in the team here at Quest WTS, that relationships are what drive our business. Customers are what come out of the relationships. We under promise, over deliver and continue to live and die by this value practice.

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Join us on our journey of growth and prosperity as we have now been operating for over 15 years. Allow us to earn your business and alleviate your shipping, logistics and even local delivery needs. 

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